Moving Internationally? 4 Ways To Make Your Move Easier And Less Expensive

25 March 2016
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Whether you are relocating internationally for work, school, or pleasure, the transition can be stressful and expensive. Thorough planning can take away some of the stress and help you avoid unnecessary expenses. Know The Culture Take it upon yourself to find people who live in the area and ask plenty of questions. Even if you do not know anyone in your new location, reach out to people on social media. You may be surprised at how adapting to a new culture can quickly drive up your moving expenses. Read More 

Three Important Aspects Your Moving Company Wants You To Consider

3 December 2015
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If you are planning on hiring a moving company for your upcoming move, there are several aspects to consider and preparations to be met. Obtaining an estimate (and understanding the terms) is one detail you'll want to plan for, but there are other factors to consider as well. Three major elements your movers will hope you'll consider are as follows: 1. Contact Your Moving Company Well In Advance If you want a guarantee on availability, especially during the busiest times of the year such as summertime, you'll want to arrange for moving service ahead of time. Read More 

5 Ways Disassembling Your Furniture Before Your Movers Arrive Can Save You Money

27 October 2015
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If you are hiring a professional moving company to pack and move your belongings, you may be wondering what are some ways to shave a little off the price of your move. One of the ways that you can potentially save money on a local move is by disassembling your furniture before your movers arrive. This is especially pertinent to local moves, which are usually billed by the hour as opposed to long-distance moves, which are usually billed by mileage, weight, or space. Read More 

How Should You Handle Moving While Homeschooling?

13 October 2015
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If you've recently made the decision to take charge of your child's education by homeschooling, you're likely enjoying the independence and self-direction both you and your child are enjoying. Despite these benefits, you may not feel like you ever have enough of a break from schooling and parenting to do more than keep up with your regular errands and housework -- let alone deal with the hassle of cleaning, packing, moving, and unpacking to move across the city (or even across the country). Read More 

6 Tips For Making A Move Easier With An Autistic Child

17 September 2015
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Raising a child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is challenging enough when you're able to set up a steady routine at home. Moving is stressful and disruptive to the entire family, but it's especially difficult for youngsters that thrive on similarities that carry over from day to day. Make the move a little easier on your child with at least a few of these coping techniques. Visit Often and Early Read More