Need To Move A Valuable Anitque Piano? What To Know Before It's Loaded For Transport

14 June 2023
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If you have a move coming up and you need to have a large, heavy, and valuable piano moved, you need to find specific movers to have this completed. You don't want to risk the piano not only being dropped, scratched, or dented, but you also don't want it exposed to moisture, liquids, or pests.

You want to start calling around to get quotes and to find out availability for when you need the piano moved. Here are a few of the different things that you want to inquire about to get started.

Transportation Vehicle

Ask what type of vehicle the piano will be transported in, and how the piano will be secured into place throughout transit. You want to know that the piano will be strapped properly so there is no movement while en route from its current location to its new destination. Putting a small piano into a large hauling truck leaves a lot of room for movement, so be sure you know how the instrument will be secured into place.

Company Information

Research each company you are getting information from. This means you ensure that they are:

  • A licensed business
  • Insured to protect your piano and their employees
  • Experienced
  • Recommended by others in the community

There are a lot of different things that you can find out by searching the social media accounts held by each company and taking the time to look up each transportation provider with the Better Business Bureau.


Ask the moving company exactly how much value their insurance policy covers, to be sure that you don't need any type of additional insurance for the move. If you are worried about something happening, call your current insurance provider for other types of policies such as home or auto, and see if you should add additional temporary insurance.

The piano movers are going to use high-quality packaging supplies to protect the piano during transport, and they will have the necessary tools to move the piano without the weight of the instrument being a burden. Ask each company what type of lifting method they use, some may use machinery.

There are a lot of different options for getting your piano transported. Look over the contract details of each moving company, make sure that the company you want to use has the appropriate insurance protection and highly trained staff, and get the piano where it's needed undamaged. 

For more info about piano moving, contact a local company.