5 Ways Disassembling Your Furniture Before Your Movers Arrive Can Save You Money

27 October 2015
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If you are hiring a professional moving company to pack and move your belongings, you may be wondering what are some ways to shave a little off the price of your move. One of the ways that you can potentially save money on a local move is by disassembling your furniture before your movers arrive. This is especially pertinent to local moves, which are usually billed by the hour as opposed to long-distance moves, which are usually billed by mileage, weight, or space. Besides saving the obvious time it will take movers to disassemble your furniture, here are five other ways that disassembling and packing it yourself can save you money. 

Save On Reassembly Time 

Many moving companies insist on assembling all items that they disassembled when you reach your final destination. This is because they need to check that all of the parts made it to the destination and the furniture was not damaged during the move. If you would like to complete reassembly yourself, then you will either need to disassemble your furniture or make sure your written contract does not include reassembly as a standard option. 

Take Up Less Space In the Moving Truck 

Not all furniture is routinely disassembled during a move. Furniture such as shelving and small cabinets, which are small enough to fit through doorways and are not fragile, are often transported assembled. However, disassembled furniture usually packs down flat or nearly flat and takes up much less space than assembled furniture. By disassembling your medium-sized furniture, you can save space in your moving truck, which may mean either fewer trips between locations or that you can rent a smaller truck.

You should keep in mind that if you are moving yourself, you can often nest furniture or pack items inside furniture to save space on the moving truck. However, many professional movers will not do this because it may risk damaging the furniture or make furniture too heavy to move safely.  

Save On Loading Time 

Items that would not usually be disassembled may be awkward to take around corners, through doorways, and up or down stairs. This can slow down your moving team, costing you more money.If you have the items packed down into manageable bundles, your movers can quickly pick them up and place them on the truck, making your move quicker and cheaper. 

Be Less Likely to Damage Your Home

Taking medium or large pieces of furniture around corners and through doors can lead to the occasional scrape on a wall or floor. For some landlords, a few scuffs during moving are enough of a reason to withhold all or part of your deposit. By having your furniture disassembled, you may be more likely to avoid these marks and get your full deposit back. However, you should keep in mind that experienced, trustworthy movers will be able to move furniture without damaging your home or will insist on disassembling it prior to moving it. 

Save Money On Packing Material  

If you are paying movers to disassemble your furniture, it is likely that they will use professional packing material to wrap your furniture to avoid smudges and scratches. If you are packing the furniture yourself, you can save some money by wrapping furniture in sheets or light blankets as opposed to packing material. 

If you are hiring movers for a local move, there are several ways that disassembling your furniture yourself will save you money. However, it is important to note that professional movers, such as Redondo Van & Storage, will have the experience and tools that may justify the added expense of allowing them to dissemble and reassemble your furniture.