Moving Within The Same Neighborhood? 2 Reasons To Hire Local Movers

12 August 2021
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A local move is easier and less time-consuming than a cross-state move. But you will still need to invest substantial time and effort into the move for a smooth experience. You can learn all about moving to handle each step safely and efficiently. An excellent alternative is to hire local movers who can provide valuable benefits through every step of the moving process.


Extensive preparation is a smart way to avoid problems during your move.


Furniture is one of the item types that demands the most preparation before a move. For instance, some furniture may not fit through your home without being disassembled. The key is to do the least amount of furniture disassembly while still being able to move each piece safely.

Desktop computers also require careful preparation. The heavy parts such as the CPU fan and graphics card inside the case must be removed and packed separately. Then, you must protect the graphics card in an anti-static bag and the monitors with bubble wrap and small TV boxes.


Avoiding damage to your home during a move often requires preparation. For instance, you may need to apply door jamb protectors to fit furniture and bulky items through safely. Putting down floor runners will prevent carpet and hardwood floors from sustaining any damage. These runners will even keep dirt and debris from causing micro-scratches on hardwood flooring.


Moving out of an apartment or condo complex will demand less moving preparation than a single-family home. However, you still need to protect your community when moving out of a house because you do not want to damage city property or neighboring properties. An excellent example is moving items out of the backyard while squeezing by a neighbor's fence.


Packing boxes is a simple task. However, doing it correctly to maximize safe transport for all your belongings requires specific knowledge and strategy. Boxes should be kept to a maximum of 50 pounds because the bottom support can give out, and that much weight is hard to carry.

A moving company will use multiple box sizes and types to pack your items. Small boxes are great for handling small bathroom items, while large ones work well with pillows and stuffed animals. Wardrobe boxes make it possible to pack sections of hanging clothes all at once. They also provide exceptional protection and prevent your clothes from getting bent or wrinkled.

Even a simple, local move can become a stressful and demanding experience. Fortunately, you can hire a moving company for these incredible benefits and a problem-free move.