Wire Shelving, Convenience, And Safety

31 March 2020
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Wire shelving units are affordable storage solutions for businesses, and the range of options you can get makes them among the most versatile items an office or warehouse could hope for. For optimal use, you want something that you can repurpose and use in different areas. You also want something that everyone in the business can use comfortably. This means you need to look for shelving units that have multiple features and that can have safety features added.

Casters Are Necessary in Most Cases

Because these units often hold very heavy items, you really want to get units with casters. Unless you plan to leave the shelving unit in one spot and one spot only for the rest of the time that you're in the office, you'll need those casters so you can move the shelving in case you have to make repairs to the wall or if you need to transport the items on the shelving to another part of the building. Yes, you could take everything off the shelving, but that wastes time. Get shelving units with casters and make life easier.

The casters also help keep you and your employees safer as they don't have to lift so many items. Lifting even a light item — if you twist just the right way — can hurt your back and shoulders. With casters, people can move the unit easily instead of constantly lifting and twisting to remove items from the unit.

Adjustable Wall Cables Prevent Tipping Over

Whether or not you plan to move the unit around a lot, you do need to brace it. Even if you aren't in a quake-prone area, you need to prevent the unit from tipping over. Adjustable wall cables help brace these units and keep them upright. While brackets and bolts work, too, those are more permanent; the cables allow you to detach the unit from the wall when you need to. Just remember to reattach the cables when you're done and the unit is back in place.

Aim for Comfortable Heights

You can find these units in different heights, some of which are very tall. It may be best to stick with units that are smaller or of moderate height because your shorter workers and those workers with arm and shoulder problems should be able to reach all items on the shelves. You can't plan for every contingency, but don't get 8-foot shelving units if you have a lot of workers who need 5- to 6-foot shelving units.

There are so many variations of these units that you should have no trouble finding exactly what you need. Keep safety and convenience in mind, and you'll soon have an office or factory storage setup that works perfectly. For more information, contact a wire shelving supplier.